Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Blue Cross/Blue Shield strikes again

So, in July, when I was planning my outpatient procedure, I called BCBS and said, I am having blah blah blah done. Is it covered? She says, yes. Nothing more, just an unequivocal yes. Imagine my surprise, when today, I get an explanation of benefits saying I owe $500 for the procedure. Nice.

I call BCBS and I say, I am sorry, there must be some mistake. I called you people and YOU told me this was covered. And she says, oh it is, but you have to pay 15%. I say, ok, but I CALLED YOU PEOPLE and YOU told me it was covered. She says, yes, but in the benefit book, it explains all this and you have to pay 15%. Ok, but I CALLED YOU PEOPLE and YOU told me it was covered, so, if in reality, only 85% is covered, then perhaps you might have wanted to explain that to me instead of just telling me it was all covered.

It irritates the everliving crap out of me, that I go the extra mile, I call in advance, I cover all my bases and STILL BCBS finds a way to stick it to me in the end.


Maybe it's time for me to find a new insurance company.

You hear that Blue Cross Blue Shield???? Thanks for nothing.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Following blogs

I am following all these fantastic specialized blogs about curly hair, hair care, makeup, etc., and I realize my blog has no direction. It is a mish mash of thoughts and whatevers with no cohesive pattern. And 1 follower. But really, who would follow a pointless blog (I know you do it out of love, booyah). So, do I need my blog to have a point? Or am I ok with it being a meandering path of whatever crosses my mind and followerless.

I think I am ok with it as it is. If it were to have a direction, then I think I would feel compelled and forced to write more coherently. This way, I can continue to be lazy and meander-y.

I got bangs. Kind of. Yay for kind of bangs!! This afternoon I am getting a new color too. Look at me, all fancylike!!

I have checked almost nothing off my to do list, I have not finished my thesis, I have not lost 20 pounds (managed to gain some instead), and I have not painted my kitchen. I have, however, bought a wii, made new friends, took Millie running on the beach, and made some neat Halloween cards. So, I am not completely lazy, just selectively so.

Happy Fall!!