Wednesday, March 24, 2010

So, there I was....

in San Francisco...
Ok, I live here, but still, I do love this view -

My friend Jody flew up from LA to birthday with me. I have to say too, if birthdays set the tone for the year, this year is going to be awesome. My friend Michelle was in town and joined me for my office birthday lunch, my employees bought me a delicious cake and a lovely card, then we topped it all off with sight seeing in the big city. *happy sigh* Awesomeness.

Also, I bought a new, fancy pants camera. It's not an SLR, but it is a bridge camera, so hopefully I can start learning more about picture taking. Expect more pics.

Like this one.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Wow, midMarch already...

I have been in a funk. A big, ol' fat funk. I am fat. Yesterday, a friend of mine who is a big girl, referred to the two of us as big girls. That took me aback. I have never thought of myself as a big girl. I workout (did, anyway), eat right (still do for the most part), and keep active. It stopped me in my tracks when she said that. And I realized how much weight I have gained and how fat I really am. And wow, am I one not happy camper about this. I have been wallowing and in my wallowing have not been going to the gym and have been indulging in foods that I would normally only consider a weekend treat.

That 20 pounds that I wanted to lose 2 months ago (or whenever it was I posted my to do list) is now 25 pounds. And while, yeah, it's only 5 pounds, it's five pounds when I already needed to lose alot more than 5 pounds.

The gloves are off, bitches and it's on.

I am starting walking at lunch TODAY, not tomorrow, TODAY.

I am firing up the Wii TODAY, not tomorrow, TODAY.

I am eating right.

I am not drinking Dr. Pepper whenever I want.

I am getting active again and taking my life back.

I do not want to be a big girl (if you're a big girl and don't care, then that's fine for you, not me).

I am joining a new gym this week.

I will lose this weight.

I will get fit.

I will not be a big girl.

I will be me again and that is what really matters.